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Meteorology & weather flying

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  1. Air Command Weather Manual Workbook (2004 Edition)

    Air Command Weather Manual Workbook (2004 Edition)


    Air Command Weather Manual Workbook (2004 Edition)
    This workbook provides a programmed learning package -must be used in conjunction with the Air Command Weather Manual... Learn More
  2. ATC & Weather: Mastering the Systems

    ATC & Weather: Mastering the Systems


    In this Second edition of Mastering the Systems, author Richard Collins reveals how to work air traffic control and weather services to maximum advantage. Learn More
  3. Aviation Weather

    Aviation Weather


    Earth's atmosphere, common IFR procedures, high-altitude weather and special area weather considerations are thoroughly discussed. Use with Advisory Circular 00-45E, Aviation Weather Services. Many of the FAA Knowledge Exam weather questions are pulled from this text. Learn More
  4. Aviation Weather 3rd Edition, from Jepessen

    Aviation Weather 3rd Edition, from Jepessen


    The most comprehensive, award-winning aviation weather book just got better. New 480-page hard cover edition is extensively updated with the latest METAR, TAF, and Graphic Weather Products from AC00-45E, Aviation Weather Services. Over 500... Learn More
  5. Aviation Weather Combo Pak

    Aviation Weather Combo Pak


    Aviation Weather (AC00-6A) and Aviation Weather Services (AC00-45G) are packaged together for greater savings. Learn More
  6. Aviation Weather Services

    Aviation Weather Services


    The FAA and NWS co-publish Aviation Weather Services (Advisory Circular 00-45G), which features full-color illustrations throughout and full coverage of the weather-related tools that assist pilots with flight planning and in-flight decisions. Learn More
  7. Canadian Aviation Weather

    Canadian Aviation Weather


    This book will fill the massive void that existed in Canada regarding a solid up-to-date discourse on meteorology for Canadian pilots. Learn More
  8. Flying America's Weather

    Flying America's Weather


    Pilot, author, and AOPA Pilot contributing editor Tom Horne, explains the climates and weather phenomenon that can be found in every region of the U.S., in every season.
    Learn More
  9. Flying the Weather Map

    Flying the Weather Map


    Since change is the only sure thing about weather, these anecdotes provide valuable learning experiences in weather interpretation, as well as fascinating reading.

    Learn More
  10. Air Command Weather Manual

    RCAF Weather Manual (Formerly Air Command Weather Manual)


    RCAF Weather Manual (TP 9352). The RCAF Weather Manual provides detailed text explaining the interpretation of weather reports, forecasts, weather maps and prognostic charts. This publication INCLUDES.. Learn More
  11. Severe Weather Flying

    Severe Weather Flying


    Describes how to anticipate hazardous weather conditions, avoid them in flight, and get out of them when encountered.

    Learn More
  12. Weather Flying

    Weather Flying


    One of the world's most respected veterans of the cockpit gives you the benefit of his decades of experience flying weatheras a world-record holder, as a commercial pilot with tens of thousands of hours in the air. Learn More



    Whats going on up there when the rain falls, when the wind blows, when the clouds roll in and the lightning flashes? How do hurricanes arise and where to tornadoes come from? Dont worry its never too late to find out about what makes the weather tick. Learn More

13 Item(s)

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