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  1. Advanced Avionics Handbook

    Advanced Avionics Handbook


    The FAA's guide to help you master today’s sophisticated cockpits.
    Effective 2009 #ASA-8083-6 Learn More
  2. Flying IFR: the practical information you need to fly actual IFR flights

    Flying IFR: the practical information you need to fly actual IFR flights


    This book provides invaluable discussion on instrument airmanship, weather analysis, flight planning and decision making, handling equipment glitches, partial-panel flying, and much more.
    Learn More
  3. ICAO/FAA IFR Procedures

    ICAO/FAA IFR Procedures


    This handbook is designed as a valuable quick reference for pilots on international operations, flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, and a must-have training material for instructors. It offers a fresh insight into ICAO and FAA IFR Procedures. Learn More
  4. IFR For VFR Pilots

    IFR For VFR Pilots


    In this landmark book, Taylor provides VFR pilots with an emergency reserve of basic IFR capability. Learn More
  5. IFR Principles and Practice

    IFR Principles and Practice


    Here's the authoritative book you've been looking for on how to fly IFR! Concise, easy to understand, thorough--this is a unique presentation of a difficult subject. Learn More
  6. Instrument Flight Manual

    Instrument Flight Manual


    This book gives an overview of IFR operational requirements and helps establish patterns of aeronautical decision making pertaining to instrument flight. Learn More
  7. Instrument Flight Review

    Instrument Flight Review


    A new shortcut to IFR Review! You can't beat this. This is the most incredible organization of IFR rules, regulations, tips and information avialable. Includes fully illustrated flight maneuvers and procedures, clearances, approaches, flight planning and more! Learn More
  8. Instrument Flying 4th Edition

    Instrument Flying 4th Edition


    The fourth edition of the perennial best-seller. Fully updated, with everything the private pilot needs to know about flying IFR, such as handling emergencies, filing flight plans, understanding IFR communications, navigating, and flying more efficiently. Polish and improve your instrument-flight skills with the proficiency exercises. Glossary of aviation terms included. Learn More
  9. Instrument Flying Handbook

    Instrument Flying Handbook


    FAA-H-8083-15A reprint. Primary reference text for the Instrument Rating FAA Knowledge Exam. Learn More
  10. Instrument Flying Refresher

    Instrument Flying Refresher


    In this unique and instructive book, veteran IFR pilot Richard Collins takes the right seat beside Patrick Bradley, a relatively new IFR pilot.

    Learn More
  11. Instrument Procedures Handbook

    Instrument Procedures Handbook


    IFR operations and procedural handbook for real-world use; explains for instrument-rated pilots how best to use the system they've been trained for. Learn More
  12. Instrument Procedures Manual

    Instrument Procedures Manual


    Operations under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) are the most common mode of cross-country travel for both general aviation and the airlines. It is, therefore, necessary for IFR pilots to understand thoroughly the functions and limitations of the IFR system, and the procedures therein which must be followed.... Learn More
  13. Max Trescott’s GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook

    Max Trescott’s GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook


    Ever find yourself in the cockpit punching GPS buttons multiple times to get it to do what you want? Learn More
  14. Oral Exam Guide: Instrument

    Oral Exam Guide: Instrument


    Contains the questions most frequently asked by FAA examiners during the airplane checkride, and the appropriate responses.

    Learn More
  15. Pilot's Manual Volume 3: Instrument Flying

    Pilot's Manual Volume 3: Instrument Flying


    New hardcover edition! Covers all knowledge necessary to pass the FAA Instrument exams and IFR checkride. Volume 3 of the series.

    Learn More

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