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Pilot/Industry Supplies

Pilot/Industry Supplies

Canada's largest selection of supplies for pilots, air crew, AME professionals and more..

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  1. iPad Kneeboard from Sporty's for iPAD 1-4

    iPad Kneeboard from Sporty's for iPAD 1-4

    Regular Price: CA$49.95

    Special Price: CA$48.95

    Finally, an affordable pilot’s kneeboard that is specifically made for your iPad!
    Learn More
  2. Sporty Electronic E6B

    Sporty Electronic E6B


    Upgraded design with backlit screen and new features! Learn More
  3. Sporty Kneeboard IPad Mini 1-4

    Sporty Kneeboard IPad Mini 1-4

    Regular Price: CA$55.95

    Special Price: CA$54.95

    For IPad Mini 1-4

    This compact kneeboard has room for the essentials, but won't take up much space in the cockpit or flight bag..... Learn More
  4. Sporty Kneeboard Trifold

    Sporty Kneeboard Trifold


    This all-new kneeboard is the ultimate in-flight organization tool. Spacious interior features numerous pockets and a solid clipboard for writing clearances..... Learn More
  5. Sporty Plotter Forever (Sectional)

    Sporty Plotter Forever (Sectional)

    Regular Price: CA$8.95

    Special Price: CA$7.95

    Sporty’s simplified the plotter and made it virtually indestructible...... Learn More
  6. Sporty's Flight Bag Navigator

    Sporty's Flight Bag Navigator

    Regular Price: CA$144.95

    Special Price: CA$141.95

    This versatile flight bag, our most popular design, is ideal for student pilots and experienced pros alike. It features thoughtfully designed pockets to protect and organize all your flying gear, but retains a slim profile and a modern look. Learn More
  7. Sporty's Flight Timer

    Sporty's Flight Timer

    Regular Price: CA$29.95

    Special Price: CA$25.95

    Electronics have changed the way we fly, but there is still a need for an easy-to-use timer for timing fuel, waypoints, or approaches. Sporty’s Flight Gear Timer is a single timer with a full 10-digit keypad. No clock, no modes, no multiple timers…just a simple timer. Learn More
  8. Sporty's IPad Mini Rotating Kneeboard

    Sporty's IPad Mini Rotating Kneeboard


    The smallest, simplest solution for using an iPad Mini in the cockpit. No bells and whistles, just a simple mounting surface with elastic straps on the corners for holding an iPad mini. The knee strap can be orientated for portrait or landscape viewing. Will work with most cases. Learn More
  9. Sporty's Single Headset Case

    Sporty's Single Headset Case


    This padded bag is the perfect way to protect your aviation headset. Use it by itself as a compact bag for local flights, or snap it onto a larger Flight Gear bag with the included MyBag™ attachments. Learn More

9 Item(s)

per page

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