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Pilot/Industry Supplies

Pilot/Industry Supplies

Canada's largest selection of supplies for pilots, air crew, AME professionals and more..

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  1. Advanced Composites

    Advanced Composites


    The only text on advanced composites geared solely for aircraft construction and repair, this book includes materials, procedures, and "how to" info. Learn More
  2. Aviation Dictionary

    Aviation Dictionary


    Completely revised to include over 10,000 technical aviation definitions. Excellent reference for both pilots and aviation maintenance technicians. Learn More
  3. Avionics Fundamentals

    Avionics Fundamentals


    Using a *systems approach* to modern avionics, Avionics Fundementals covers information for A&Ps, avionics technicians, flight engineers, and ATP applicants. Learn More
  4. Avionics Systems: Operation & Maintenance

    Avionics Systems: Operation & Maintenance


    Explains avionic equipment and systems from the simple magnetic compass to the most advanced integrated flight management systems. Learn More
  5. Helicopter Maintenance

    Helicopter Maintenance


    Ideally for the transitional A&P or the maintenance student, this book explains the eight major helicopter types and how their systems operate. Learn More
  6. Helicopter Maintenance Study Guide

    Helicopter Maintenance Study Guide


    For use with Helicopter Maintenance, sold separately, this study guide challenges you with over 1,300 questions and answers.
    From Jeppesen. Softcover, 128 pages Learn More
  7. Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook from Jeppesen

    Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook from Jeppesen


    A key resource for A&P technicians, homebuilders, pilots, and aircraft owners, this book provides a quick reference for the most common aviation technical info. 275 pages. ISBN 0-88487-324-7, Printed August 2003.
    Learn More
  8. Transport Category Aircraft Systems

    Transport Category Aircraft Systems


    The only text available that covers FAR part 121 aircraft. A system-by-system approach to understanding jet transports. Necessary for A&P students and certified technicians looking for a comprehensive reference for large aircraft. Learn More

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