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Pilot/Industry Supplies

Pilot/Industry Supplies

Canada's largest selection of supplies for pilots, air crew, AME professionals and more..

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  1. Aircraft Fuel Tester Screwdriver - Black

    Aircraft Fuel Tester Screwdriver - Black


    Fits all quick-drain valves and has an adapter for recessed drains. Includes both Phillips and slotted screwdriver tips Learn More
  2. Aircraft Fuel Testing Cup

    Aircraft Fuel Testing Cup


    Clear cup with a reinforced steel pin that works with most aircraft. Learn More
  3. Aircraft Journey Log

    Aircraft Journey Log


    A great hard cover journey log book to log your aircraft times. Hard-bound cover to last. About 7/16ths of an inch thick. 8.75 inches wide by 11.25 inches high.

    Want your aircraft reg silver stamped on the front? We can do it for no additional cost. Just give us a week to do it. Learn More
  4. Aircraft Journey Log, large, soft-cover

    Aircraft Journey Log, large, soft-cover


    This is a soft-cover aircraft journey log produced by Transport Canada.
    Learn More
  5. Aircraft Tech Log, Section 1: Airframe

    Aircraft Tech Log, Section 1: Airframe


    This logbook is part of the familiar Canadian aircraft technical record keeping system. The logs are three-hole drilled for keeping in a ring binder or Tech Log Binder. Learn More
  6. Aircraft Tech Log, Section 3: Engine

    Aircraft Tech Log, Section 3: Engine


    Contains Engine Service and Maintenance Record as well as Record of Engine Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, and Special Inspections and Modifications. Yellow Cover. Learn More
  7. ASA Wheel Chocks

    ASA Wheel Chocks


    Tire stops for keeping aircraft securely parked.

    Learn More
  8. Aviation First Aid Kit

    Aviation First Aid Kit


    Custom Aviation Kit … This newly designed custom kit is ideal for small general aviation planes and their hangers.............. Learn More
  9. Blade Pitot Cover

    Blade Pitot Cover


    Forgetting to remove a faded, dull and worn-out pitot tube cover can jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers. Learn More
  10. Carbon Monoxide Detector
  11. F-15 Fuel Filter Funnel

    F-15 Fuel Filter Funnel


    The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter is a heavy-duty, fast-flow, convenient and portable funnel with built-in, patent pending filter. Learn More
  12. Fuel Tester (Short) from ASA

    Fuel Tester (Short) from ASA


    The unique snap-on probe fits all quick-drain valves, stores compactly, and reduces spillage, loss, and probe breakage.
    2-blade reversible screwdriver bit. Learn More
  13. Fuel Tester w/metal actuator & splash guard

    Fuel Tester w/metal actuator & splash guard


    This Jeppesen screwdriver-style fuel tester is a must-have for every pilot. Use it to quickly check your fuel for dirt, water and other contaminates. It is a durable and dependable tool that you will use for a long, long time. Learn More
  14. Fuelhawk Fuel Gauges

    Fuelhawk Fuel Gauges


    Lets you know exactly how much usable fuel you have on board. Simply insert the unbreakable Fuelhawk gauge into a tank until it touches bottom. Place finger firmly over top opening and remove to read fuel quantity from the gauge.

    Available for specific Cessna models or you can calibrate the Universal Gauges for use with any aircraft. Select from the following: Learn More
  15. Life Vest, Single Cell

    Life Vest, Single Cell


    The GA-12 individual flotation device is a single cell, lightweight vest ideal for inland and near shore operations where an FAA approved flotation device is required. Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 30 total

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